Handbook Urban Oasis

The Handbook Urban Oasis is intended for students of the Master’s degree program at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture. It was created during years of lectures, continuous research, and practical work on the topics presented in it. The main purpose of the handbook is to familiarize students with the most advanced and current directions in architecture related to energy-efficient construction and modern concepts of sustainability in architecture. In order to present the material in a more inventive way, the author has tried to present it in the most understandable way possible, using examples from practice and student works. The results obtained are proof that architectural education can be approached creatively, while carefully following global trends, new pedagogical models, and current scientific achievements, all while remaining consistent with and true to the architectural profession. The student works presented in the handbook represent a response to the topic of designing an architectural miniature that aims to improve the microclimate in a selected microspace.